Communicating with your employees is about transparently conveying your needs for productivity. Conversely, it is also about understanding an employee’s needs for integrating their personal lives with their career seamlessly. Here are 4 communication tips that are indicative of a great leader:

1. Dialogue: Prioritize dialogue over directives. Having a conversation with your employees will help you best understand their needs and communicate yours. The more personal and engaging the conversation is the more effective it will be. Directives can discourage, and even misdirect, employees and create an impersonal dynamic to a relationship.

2. Direct phrasing: Being direct in your phrasing to employees cuts out the fluff and improves the chances of being understood. When you are exact in your language people are more likely to follow your train of thought and execute on what you need. Bad working relationships are built on misunderstanding and being clear in your wording is one of the easiest ways to mitigate that problem.

3. Listen: Great leaders know when to shut off the valve of directives and listen to what their employees need. Asking for, or demanding the same thing repeatedly, without considering their input is not effective communication. Listening to your employees creates a more open conversational dynamic in the relationship and will benefit both parties in their mutual quest to get things done.

4: Own your subject: Having a technical command over your subject matter will greatly benefit you in your ability to convey information quickly and accurately. If you don’t really understand what you’re saying, there’s no way your audience will. Knowing the ins and outs of your topic going into any conversation further reduces the chances of being misunderstood.


Creating new and improved communication dynamics in relationships takes patience and effort, so it’s important to pay it the attention it deserves. Know what you are saying, listen to your employees, speak directly and clearly, and create a more informal relationship with your audience to improve communication, productivity, and overall employee satisfaction. Check out Fusion Dynamic’s site today for more information on our Blendification process.