A Father’s Daily Action to his daughter during The United States Air Force Academy Basic Training

By Dan Bruder, Fusion Dynamics

The word for today is MAXIFICATION: the act of consciously looking at your skills and working to maximize the growth in your potential. Many people recognize what they are good at and then do those things. However, since they are good at something, they may avoid trying to get better because it has always come easy. It’s called the “talent curse.” That’s when people avoid focusing on getting better, or maximizing their skills, because they are comfortable or complacent with their skill level. MAXIFICATION is the act of placing regular focus on getting better and improving rather than saying, “I am good enough.” When you are focused on MAXIFICATION, you begin to enjoy the results of getting better and better; not knowing how far you can actually go. The fact is, we can typically get much better than we ever thought at just about anything when we apply MAXIFICATION.