A Father’s Daily Action to his daughter during The United States Air Force Academy Basic Training

By Dan Bruder, Fusion Dynamics

This is the transition you have been waiting for. The word for today is TRANSITIONIFICATION: the preparation for the end of one thing and the start of something else. Sometimes you are transitioning from something you want to leave to something you want, like going from military training to Jack’s, then Jack’s to Academics. Or, there can be the reverse where you transition from something you like to something that isn’t as much fun. Probably like the transition after DDO (from civilian clothes and a home cooked meal) back to Basic Training. Either way, you are typically doing some kind of transition. The “iFiciation” part of this is being prepared for these transitions knowing that nothing is permanent, and you will always be experiencing some kind of transition or change. That’s how we learn and grow. Sometimes the transition you dread turns in to a great experience that you will remember and learn from. Take time to remember what you are doing before you transition knowing transitions are part of living.