A Father’s Daily Action to his daughter during The United States Air Force Academy Basic Training

By Dan Bruder, Fusion Dynamics

The word for today is weLEADIFICATION: the process of being aware (AWARENESSIFICATION) of what is going on around us, then leading ourselves (iLEADIFICATION) so that we positively impact others and lead them. So, it is a step-by-step process of building leadership that first starts with awareness, then leading yourself, followed by leading others…that’s the “we” part of Leadification.  

Most of us weren’t born with this capability so we have to learn it through rigorous practice and intention. So, every situation and interaction you have is an opportunity to sharpen your weLEADIFICATION skills by being conscious of what is going on around you, then leading yourself with character followed by leading others. Unfortunately, we can’t skip steps one and two and just begin leading others effectively. In order to reach your potential as a leader, you have to build your awareness skills and self-leadership skills.

The nice thing about Basic Training is that it is putting you in situations where you will test your patience and, as long as you are aware of what is going on around you, you can practice your self-leadership skills so you can then be the best leader you can be when the time comes.

Love, Dad