A Father’s Daily Action to his daughter during The United States Air Force Academy Basic Training

By Dan Bruder, Fusion Dynamics

Yesterday’s word was AWARENESSIFICATION (know what is going on around you). Taking that a step further, once you are aware of what is going on, you can then begin to lead yourself.

So, the word for today is iLEADIFICATION: the ability to first be aware of what is going on around you and then being able to lead yourself so that you stay connected to your goals and outcomes. The ‘I” in iLEADIFICATION is about you leading yourself, not leading others (which is typically what we think of).

With the combination of these two (AwarenessiFication and iLeadiFication) and by staying focused on your goals, you will be able to handle whatever they throw at you because you will understand/be aware that what is being said or done will help you achieve your goals and then you can lead yourself in a way that keeps you on your path. As always, the “iFication” part emphasizes that it is a process that takes practice.

Love, Dad