A Father’s Daily Action to his daughter during The United States Air Force Academy Basic Training

By Dan Bruder, Fusion Dynamics

AWARENESSIFICATION: the process of pausing before you respond to be aware of the situation and your emotions. Once you are aware of the surroundings, or other people’s actions, you can then determine your response.

This short pause can be the difference between a regrettable response and a positive response. It also gives us time to re-focus our attention on the big picture. The “iFication” part of this is the process of practicing the pause to evaluate what is going on and then shifting your focus to the positive outcome.

This all happens in a split second and the more you practice it, the more it will become easy. I bet you’re in situations that are testing your patience and your response. Remember, if you are aware of the situation, you can determine your response. Some respond quickly by saying they hate things or hate what is happening to them…others pause for a split second and think that what just happened is going to make them better even though it may not feel like it at the time.

When something happens (someone yells at you or makes you do something that seems senseless), by being aware of what they did, pause for a second and then tie the situation to one of your many positive outcomes, you will keep yourself mentally sharp and generally positive. Remember, it is a process that takes practice. The good news is, you are getting a lot of opportunities to practice AWARENESSIFICATION


Love, Dad