For most companies, large and small, success depends on having a motivating purpose that resonates throughout the entire team. Companies whose employees understand and align with the company purpose are more productive and the company has a higher probability of employee retention and engagement. The crux of this purpose is your company’s Statement of Cause, which should establish a higher purpose and direction to ensure that employees see value in their work.

It is equally important however, that this Cause is reinforced through the alignment of achievable, individual and team goals. An incentive or recognition program that acknowledges the completion of these goals can be an invigorating way to motivate and guide employees. This can be a powerful tactic is for inspiring your team to be their best and contribute to the overarching mission.

To maintain a relevant and effective company cause, it needs to be concise and relatable to all employees, no matter what level. A clear purpose helps companies run more efficiently because it means that everyone on the team is on the same page. Sharing employee success stories is one of many techniques that can help engage employees and align their experience with the overarching company culture. They have the dual purpose of showing how much every employee is valued and of showing how they’re contributing to the company’s success.

Spending the time to craft a motivating Statement of Cause is one of the foundations for a better business culture. Learn more about how our Purpose System creates an engaging process that maximizes your team’s ability to connect with the company’s cause. Contact Fusion Dynamic for more information on how we can help you.